Bru Columbanus

The House

The €5.5 million project, which was established by the Knights of St. Columbanus and opened in September 2005-. provides 26 en-suite family rooms with a supporting kitchen and lounges where families can meet other families who are in similar situations and can lend support and understanding to each other and draw on their shared experiences.

Brú Columbanus was inspired by an Irish boy, Aaron Kiely, who at just 11 months had to travel to Bristol hospital for cancer treatment. (His family were living in the UK at the time.) On arrival the family were given keys to accommodation named “Click House”, so the anxiety of finding and funding accommodation was alleviated. A short time later Aaron’s uncle, Charlie Barry, was approached by the Knights of St. Columbanus as they wanted to develop a community based project. The Knights of St. Columbanus had sold off their Cork city centre premises and were interested in investing the money in a community based project. Mr. Barry suggested replicating the services provided in Click House. With a lot of hard work and within a very short time Brú Columbanus was established and welcomes it’s first family in September 2005.

Brú Columbanus is conveniently situated at Cardinal Way, Wilton, adjacent to Cork University Hospital and the Wilton shopping centre. Access from the house to any of the Cork Hospitals or the hospice can be done with ease.

A family’s first concern is for the health of their loved ones but consideration has also got to be given to the practicalities of their time away from home, which is often a difficult and emotional time. Where people stay, how the stay is financed, are worries that can be alleviated from families accommodated in Brú Columbanus. Brú Columbanus is committed in continuing to provide ongoing support and practical help for those in genuine need.